Culture and Corporate Governance

Edited by GÜLER ARAS & David Crowther

 Published by Social Responsibility Research Network

 ISBN: 978-0-9551577-1-4

Research Series: Issues in Corporate Behaviour and Sustainability

Series Editors: Güler Aras & David Crowther  


Introduction: Exploring frameworks of corporate governance,       Güler Aras & David Crowther

Part 1 – Governance issues: Reporting of Corporate Governance Issues, Policies and Practices: Self-Regulation or Regulation, Onyeka K. Osuji; Government Policies For Business Behaviour Under Globalisation: A Micro Analytical Perspective, Iti Bose; The Impact of Insider Trading Announcements on the Stock Price Volatility in an Emerging Market Setting: Evidence from Istanbul Stock Exchange, Alovsat Muslumov            

Part 2 – Regional Issues: Guidelines for Corporate Behaviour: Origins, Current Stage, and Future Tendencies of Polish Corporate Governance Code, Maria Aluchna & Izabela Koladkiewicz; Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility of   Public Listed Companies in Malaysia, Roshima Said, Hasnah Haron, Yuserrie Hj Zainuddin, Daing Nasir Ibrahim & Saiful’ Culture and Corporate Governance: The Turkish Case, Mustafa A Aysan

Part 3 – Cultural issues: Culture and Corporate Governance: Revisiting the Cultural Imperative, Loong Wong; Social Responsibility at the grassroots: the influence of ‘mahalla’ community organisations on the CSR practices of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Uzbekistan, Daniel Stevens & Lobar Mukhamedova; Cultural Diversity at Work and the Need for Wholeness, Ana Maria Davila Gomez; Islam and Corporate Governance, Riham Ragab Rizk

Conclusion: The future of Corporate Governance: a prognosis, Güler Aras & David Crowther

Published 2008

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